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posted by [personal profile] adabsolutely at 08:13pm on 03/04/2017
So, I just read the new User's Agreement for LJ, and failed to fully understand what I would be agreeing to. But if you don't agree then you can't even access you journal. Irritating since I have a paid account.

I'm bothered they have my cc#.

What say you all?
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posted by [personal profile] adabsolutely at 09:04pm on 22/01/2017
I felt as if Harlene walked with me yesterday. Portland was her adopted city, the last place she lived. Thinking of her helped me handle the crowd without feeling any claustrophobia. There was so much kindness and determination on display in that mass of humanity. The sense of doom I've felt since the election has lifted to allow a new determination to germinate.

Miss you, lady.
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posted by [personal profile] adabsolutely at 07:53am on 02/08/2016 under
The Tree

The wind blew
from an unusual direction
for there parts
nudging the cypress downward
slowly but unrelenting
roots more shallow
than we imagined
bringing the tree down
to earth in the damp alley
now a red pot with bamboo
grass rests on its
trimmed stump
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posted by [personal profile] adabsolutely at 09:34pm on 07/10/2015 under
This is my pitch for the Highlander Holiday Shortcuts:

Time to sign up.

I need normalcy right now. For those who know me in the non-virtual world, yes, I live in that county in Oregon, and went to that college the first couple years, long ago...but talking about it, well, if you could see the number of times I've backspaced this sentence, you'd know that words just aren't working.

Please just go write a Highlander story.
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posted by [personal profile] adabsolutely at 03:55pm on 30/06/2014 under
I just started using the "Mark for later" feature on Archive of Our Own, but can't find the path to retrieve the marked stories. Can some kind soul tell me where to find the stories I marked to read later?
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I wrote a pinch hit story for [community profile] hlh_shortcuts for [personal profile] morgynleri
Much thanks to [personal profile] mackiedockie and [profile] ilferion for beta duty. The characters are mainly Methos and Amanda.

Title: "No Child is Ever Mine"
Rating: Gen
Summary: Then and now.

Read more... )
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posted by [personal profile] adabsolutely at 05:51pm on 20/10/2013
Wonderful weekend. Anita and I went to The Fifth Estate. I loved the timing and energy. Fortunately I’m enough of a geek that I understood what was going on — I think some of the reviewers haven’t a clue, and are rather behind the times, not just in the hacking aspect, but the way visual story telling is evolving. BC is such a good actor that you never actually see him, from frame one he’s the character, Ben’s gone.

Also watched Much Ado. Delightful, we laughed. Amy Archer was great. Josh, you done good. Though we both concur that she should never have forgiven Claudio.

We also watched Trainspotting. They all look so young, well they were of course…

Happy autumn.
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posted by [personal profile] adabsolutely at 09:35pm on 26/06/2013
Go check out these new stories:
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posted by [personal profile] adabsolutely at 09:07pm on 24/05/2013
We've written something! Not big, but hey, at least we've swept off the cobwebs.
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Sorry to the folks in my ad Yahoo groups. Someone in Paraguay celebrated St Paddy's by hacking that account. Thank you [personal profile] mackiedockie for spotting it. All passwords have been reset -- or at least I hope that I remember -- oh, I remember one more place -- off I go.


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